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Our Online Privacy Statement describes how we may collect, use and share the information you provide when you visit this website, receive our emails or interact with the advertisements we have on third-party websites.

Our Online Privacy Statement does not cover:

The information collected and used on Italbank social media websites, such as Facebook.

The information you provide to the websites on which we advertise and to which we may link.

We recommend you read the privacy policies of those websites.

1. What Information Do We Collect?

We collect two types of information online: non-personal and personal.

Non-Personal Information

When you visit our website, we collect the IP address of the device you use to connect to the Internet. In addition, we collect information about which browser and which version you are using, the type of operating system you have and the website you visited previously. This information helps us provide an online experience that fits your device.

When you browse our website or receive one of our emails, Italbank and the companies we work with use cookies and/or pixel tags to collect information and store your preferences online. Cookies are widely used and most browsers are configured to accept them automatically. If you prefer, you can choose not to accept cookies.

It is important to note that cookies and pixel tags do not capture information that can identify you personally. The information they collect helps us improve your online experience and may include:

  • Your response to one of our emails.
  • The time and duration of your visit to our website.
  • The pages you saw while you were on our website.

We may also supplement the information we collect with the information we receive from other companies. For example, we can use marketing segments developed by us or other companies to personalize some services in your locality and provide you with relevant Italbank offers tailored to you.

Personal Information

In addition to the information described in the previous section, we may also collect personal information you provide, such as your name, address, telephone number and email address. By collecting this information we can offer you online experiences that will help you with your financial needs. For example, we collect personal information when:

  • You conduct banking online.
  • You request a new program or a new account.

If we have your personal information or information that is publicly available from other sources, we may use it in combination with the information that Italbank has compiled online. We may use this information to better tailor and customize our communications on services and marketing, both online and offline.

The personal information you provide online is controlled by the Italbank business unit that maintains your account or is processing your request for a new product or service. You can access and/or modify the information related to your account or request by entering your account online or calling customer service.

Please review the Privacy Statement we provide to all of our customers for a thorough explanation of how we collect, use and share personal information and what you can do to limit the use of your information and limit the information you share.

2. How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

Italbank uses the information we collect from you and about you to manage our company and to provide an enhanced and personalized online experience on our website and on third-party websites.

The information we collect allows us to:

  • Recognize you when you return to our website, so that we can personalize your experience.
  • Process requests and transactions.
  • Respond to your requests.
  • Provide you with relevant product and service offerings on our website and in other advertisements.

3. How Do We Use Information from Our Advertising on Other Websites?

The companies we work with place and track ads on third-party websites.

Like most advertisers, we place ads where we think they are most relevant to customers. We place our ads by developing and using our own marketing segments, which may combine online and offline information about our current and potential customers. In addition, we may use marketing segments provided by online advertisers and online advertising companies

4. Can You Control Your Information Collected and Used Online?

It is important to keep in mind that the information we use about you helps us provide you with products, services and experiences that benefit you. You can control how your non-personal information is collected and used online.


You can control whether or not you accept cookies. If you decide not to accept cookies, it is possible that some functions and services of our website may not work properly because we may not recognize you and associate you with your Italbank account (s). In addition, it is possible that the offers we provide when you visit us are not relevant to you or adapt to your interests.

If you prefer not to accept cookies, you can:

  • Change the configuration of your browser so that it notifies you when you receive a cookie, which will allow you to decide if you accept it or not.
  • Configure the browser so that it does not accept any cookie automatically.

The Online Privacy Statement may change from time to time. The effective date of this policy, as noted below, indicates the last time the policy was revised or had a material change. By checking the effectiveness date indicated below, it will allow you to determine if there have been changes to the policy since the last time you reviewed it.

This page was last updated on July 11, 2018.
We may change this statement occasionally, so please check periodically.

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