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Maria Grazia Cucinotta is Italbank

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, “Girl Bond” ambassador of official brand of Italbank International.

The popular Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta known internationally for her performance in the film Il Postino and as the “Bond Girl” in James Bond’s “The World is Not Enough”, signed an important agreement with the American bank Italbank International to be her “Brand Ambassador” official.

Cucinotta will lend its image for press executions, social networks, Internet and other promotional materials of the bank. In addition to the advertisements, it will be part of the bank’s new line of credit and prepaid card products. All your fans can get a personalized card with the image of the Italian actress. The cards will be available in both Europe and Latin America.

“Everyone wants to be able to go on trips, make purchases and move their finances without restrictions of services or countries; Have your part of the “Dolce Vita”, and at the same time protect the product of your hard work. This is ultimately what he achieves with Italbank International, “said María Grazia Cucinotta.

“For Italbank International it is wonderful to have someone who represents our brand so well, sophisticated, hardworking and creative; It is a pleasure to work with someone like that, who will also keep us informed of your preferences and “feedback” about our services in order to incorporate that international cosmopolitan flavor, “said Carlos Dorado, President of Italbank International.