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Account Opening

How can I open an account in ItalBank?

You must make sure you have all the required precautions available at the time of making your request. You start the same by filling out the form that is available here.   

What are the costs of maintaining an account?

The basic account charges are described in the table below. More details about the costs of your account can be found in the account opening document.

Minimum Average Balance 500,00 500,00 1.000,00 1.000,00
Fee for breach of minimum balance 50,00 50,00 50,00 50,00
Annual service charge 60,00 60,00 180,00 180,00
Deposited check (regular and traveler) 5,00 25,00 5,00 25,00
Deposited check returned 75,00 100,00 75,00 100,00
Outbound transfer, online banking 45,00 45,00 45,00 45,00
Outgoing transfer. Not uploaded via the Internet (Manual) * 55,00 55,00 55,00 55,00
Transfer between accounts. On line bank 15,00 15,00 15,00 15,00
Transfer between accounts. Not uploaded via the Internet (Manual) 30,00 30,00 30,00 30,00
Incoming credit transfer 25,00 25,00 25,00 25,00









Information Changes

How can I add or delete an email to my account?

Request the change through our Customer Service representatives. Access the document entitled “Authorization to change information”. You must complete it and send it to servicioalcliente@italbank.com.

How can I change the personal information of my account (telephone, address, among others)?

You can change the personal information by sending us a letter with your signature to our email servicioalcliente@italbank.com, indicating the change to be made. If you request the modification of your email, you must send us the information with the previous email (which was placed when you opened the account).

How can I delete a user in ItalBank Online?

To remove a user you must enter our ItalBank Online page, select the “users” option and then “user control”, there you can make any modification or simply the elimination of it.

Certificates of Deposit

How can I open a certificate of deposit?

To open a certificate of deposit you must maintain a checking account with Italbank. By having an account with Italbank you can request more information from the customer service ( servicioalcliente@italbank.com )

When can I renew a certificate of deposit?

The certificate of deposit will be renewed automatically when expired, for the same period of time as the previous one. If you want to renew it, you can indicate it in the document that we will send you before the expiration date.


How can i apply for a loan?`

Apply for a loan to creditos@italbank.com

How can I renew a loan?
How can I verify the status of loan approval?

You must contact the Customer Service division at servicioalcliente@italbank.com, to request the status of the same.

Note: Remember that this process may take approximately 20 to 30 business days depending on the complexity of the credit requested.

Can I request a payment extension?

You can request it before the expiration date considering the default interest by writing to servicioalcliente@italbank.com


How can I make a transfer?

You can request transfers through your online account or by completing the transfer sending request and sending: transferencias@italbank.com

How can I set up a transfer over the Internet?

Log in to your online account and select the “transfer” option. After this, you must select the corresponding option either to associate accounts with other banks or with the same bank.

What is the minimum amount of transfers?

ItalBank does not have a minimum amount of transfers.

Debit Cards

Read More?

All related to debit card please contact tarjetas@italbank.com

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