Learn about the security measures implemented by Italbank International to protect its online banking system.

To protect your privacy and offer you maximum security when you log in to our website, we provide the following measures:

1. Secure Sessions

The moment you access Italbank International website, you are in a secure session. This can be easily verified by looking at the padlock and the address in the bar, which begins with https://…

2. Network Solutions Security System

Any data exchanged between you and Italbank International travels encrypted so that it cannot be read or modified by any third party. The Italbank International website is hosted on a secure server to guarantee the security of your banking operations and protect your personal information.

3. Automatic Disconnect Due to Inactivity (Time Out)

Your computer will be automatically disconnected after a given period of inactivity during an online banking session. This will be signaled by a “Time Out” message.

4. Systems Protection

Every Italbank International system connected to the internet is protected by firewalls and antivirus measures that are constantly updated.

5. Password Lockout

As an additional security measure, after several unsuccessful logon attempts to the Italbank International website due to an incorrect password, online access is blocked. Italbank International then offers the option of creating a new password.

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